You can add as many video cameras as you want,
private or public: a simple address is needed.

Want to have a video-surveillance solution in your mobile? Add your cams in Eye See U! Want to ski? Want to know if it's sunny or snowing? Just have a look on it with Eye See U! Want to keep an eye on your baby? Just have a look on him with Eye See U! Want more info?

iPhone/iPad/Web App

Anywhere and 24/7, check your IP video camera on all devices.

Multiple display

Portrait and landscape display for a better experience.

Zoom In/Out

It’s also possible to zoom in/out the current video camera displayed (digital zoom).

Direct access

Direct access to the IP Video Camera, no needs of any third-party application.

Find IP cameras

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Live video streaming

Or simple still image refreshing for cameras that doesn't support MJPEG protocol.

Save picture

Possible to save a picture from the current video camera displayed.

Multiple cameras

It is possible to view 4 or 6 video cameras at the same time.

More control?

With a compliant video camera, you can control it (Pan Tilt Zoom). Price: 2.99$.

Audio option

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Testimonials form the App Store:

Je suis satisfaite en tout point par cette application : l'image, la facilité d'utilisation sur l'iPhone et le prix. La cerise sur le gâteau est la personne du SAV : rapide, efficace [...]

By Marie Nina

J'utilise cette appli depuis plus d'an et tout marche bien. Quelques problèmes mais à peine posté mon mail d'appel à l'aide qu'Emmanuel m'a répondu et aidé à paramètrer [...]

By Redresseur de Torque

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